National Experts Team for Next-gen Intterra Field Tool

Jun 7, 2018 6:06:41 PM / by David Blankinship posted in Pre-incident plans, Wildfire, User Interface, Mapping, field data collection


At Intterra, our version of Shark Week is Wildfire Ops Week. We look forward to it so much and this year it was awesome.
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I can teach you fire pre-planning in less than 5 minutes.

Mar 9, 2016 5:18:49 PM / by David Blankinship posted in Pre-incident plans, Planning, Preplans


Pre-fire Planning is Easy Now

You've been talking about what a pain fire pre-planning is for forever. Time's up. Thanks to mobile and all that "cloud computing stuff", it's a snap. 

In fact, I think it's so easy that if you are capable of checking the weather on your smart phone, you can master pre-planning.

Here's all you need to know:

  • Step 1: Pull your phone out of your pocket.
  • Step 2: Walk around the building and map it with your crew.
  • Step 3: Go have lunch.


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We're up and running at Super Bowl 50

Feb 5, 2016 3:39:15 PM / by David Blankinship posted in Pre-incident plans, Planning, Preplans, Mapping, Super Bowl, SB50


Life in the Super Bowl Command Post

It's been a fun week at work!  All the hard work of the past few months building up a Special Events app for Super Bowl 50 first responders has paid off. This week, we're helping them manage all the events and incidents that come with an event like SB50. 

Using whatever device they have (phone, tablet, laptop), a responder can not only see where all the 'routine' incidents and responders are in real time, they can see managed response decisions, see data about incidents, access geoanalytics to help allocate resources, and communicate via maps about the special events that are ongoing this week. 

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How to Ace Pre-Incident Planning: SITUATION ANALYST

Oct 9, 2015 2:22:00 PM / by Joy Collins posted in SituationAnalyst, Pre-incident plans

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Being Serious About Preplanning Means You’re Serious About Safety

Preplanning is always a tedious process in a fire department. The information collected in the field has to be sent to staff, then fed into databases and maps, then sent back to staff for use in the field. Often, it doesn't happen consistently. Preplanning requires that everyone in the process is equally and actively concerned about the accuracy and timeliness of the data in order to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. With shift and personnel changes there is plenty of opportunity for missteps and disconnects in the process. It can be frustrating, and in the end sometimes the plans don't get updated.

A Better Way

We understand that firefighters want painless processes with as few steps as possible—and in order for meaningful adoption to occur, any new solution must be easy to use with great results.

That’s where SITUATIONANALYST (SA) comes into play. With SA you can use the technology you already have in your pocket or on the engine—almost any phone, tablet,or laptop works. Use it with SA to collect pre-incident plans for structures or for wildlands as easily as you would check the weather.

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