#2 of Top 5 NIST PSCR Articles of 2019: The Fire Data Lab Brings Fire Service Data Analytics Into the Twenty-First Century

Dec 18, 2019 11:50:19 AM / by Intterra Team

NIST's Public Safety Communications Research Division (PSCR) has announced their top 5 most clicked articles of 2019 and we're incredibly proud to be highlighted among this group and recognized in the post written about The Fire Data Lab.

In 2017, a pioneering group of fire departments joined Intterra and the WFCA in the creation of the Fire Data Lab (FDL) to accelerate the use of data-driven decision making in the fire service. The result is a data warehouse that hosts data from each fire agency and, in turn, provides them with valuable performance data they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.


To learn more about The Fire Data Lab and how the fire service is utilizing it, you can read the full article on NIST.gov, here.


Source: Top 5 NIST PSCR Articles of 2019


Topics: Fire Service Data, Fire Data Analytics

Intterra Team

Written by Intterra Team