Technology: The Modern-Day Halligan Tool

Oct 1, 2015 8:17:00 PM / by Joy Collins

Tool Evolution: Firefighters become aware that technology is a valid tool

It is critical that firefighters begin to see technology as an emergency response tool. Choose it with the same care you would an engine or protective gear.

As an experienced Fire Officer you have been exposed to so much. Fires, medical calls that break your heart, funny moments, and heroic actions of your crew that no one else will ever know about. It is certainly a career of experiences.

You have to make the tough decisions, and you care about your team as firefighters, colleagues, numbskulls, and friends. Your legacy is important but the most important thing is that everybody comes back home. So, it matters to you the tools you use: on the apparatus and in the station. You care deeply about your teams being ready for any emergency. You make sure that they work with the best quality and most reliable tools—from halligans to hoses, and everything in between.

Just like any tool, any technology you use must help make your work easier and contribute to firefighter safety and preparedness.

If you could have all the information you need for the job in your pocket (on your smart phone or on your tablet)—displayed on a live map— you'd use it, right? From everyday preplans and training, to incident and resource locations, you want to be able to see and share everything you do as easily as checking email. And for the safety of your crew, you need to share information automatically with everyone on your team.

What does treating tech like a tool mean?

  • Mapping preplans on the fly from your tablet.
  • Pulling up a report with your fingertip.
  • Live resource tracking to see where your people, trucks, and helicopters are.
  • See what is happening with nearby State and Federal resources.
  • Track the locations of individuals on your team based on their smart phone GPS.
  • See ICS 209 report information for each reporting incident.
  • See everything from wind direction and speed to historic fire maps on one map to give you modern situational awareness with one tool.

Fire districts all over the country are using a wide array of resources available from a single access point provided by Intterra in a system called SITUATIONANALYST (SA). Industry leaders like Ventura County Fire and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue are using it for everything from preplans to live AVL and CAD. You can click on their stories and check out how they are using SA. See how folks in Montana and Santa Clara County Fire District are using (SA).

Editor Sendelbach calls Intterra's SITUATIONANALYST "The modern-day Halligan Tool"

To start using SITUATIONANALYST or for more information, call Intterra today at 240-347-3447. Or sign up to get connected with an expert customer.

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Joy Collins

Written by Joy Collins