Something Wicked This Way Comes From Intterra!

Oct 31, 2016 10:09:13 AM / by Joy Collins

INT_SomethingWicked-103116_1.00psd.jpg"Wicked Good!" Oh yeah, something wicked good is coming your way from Intterra. 

The Developers (a.k.a. "the Devs") and database gurus that I work among in our tech pit here at Intterra are super jazzed.  After completing a ton of research earlier this year, they've learned new programming languages for a faster data structure and have been heads-down for weeks now building something we know you're going to appreciate. It's not just a new front-end look, it's an entirely new Intterra System Framework. 

I've heard them talking about "rock-solid authentication" and "dynamic settings" for months. 

This week, I got to enter the front end of Intterra's new Framework and experience some of this new killer architecture for myself. It's pretty cool! 

You're going to love it because it's way more than just a new facade.  It's also:

  • an awesome totally new level of security for your data
  • a new data structure that delivers your info more efficiently - and it's more "scalable" - so, easier to keep building on
  • a new front end that is built with
    • dynamic settings (for what you see in SA and who sees what) and 
    • dynamic pages (for what you see as you log in and beyond) including a new Landing Page.

In the near future, you'll be hearing more about Intterra's new System Framework and the timeframe for its rollout, just had to go ahead and spook you good for the end of October. Boo!

Don't worry - We'll get you ready for it!

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Joy Collins

Written by Joy Collins