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How to Ace Pre-Incident Planning: SITUATION ANALYST

Oct 9, 2015 2:22:00 PM / by Joy Collins

#1 Pre-Incident Planning Tool For You | Firefighters, Officers, Chiefs, Techies

Being Serious About Preplanning Means You’re Serious About Safety

Preplanning is always a tedious process in a fire department. The information collected in the field has to be sent to staff, then fed into databases and maps, then sent back to staff for use in the field. Often, it doesn't happen consistently. Preplanning requires that everyone in the process is equally and actively concerned about the accuracy and timeliness of the data in order to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. With shift and personnel changes there is plenty of opportunity for missteps and disconnects in the process. It can be frustrating, and in the end sometimes the plans don't get updated.

A Better Way

We understand that firefighters want painless processes with as few steps as possible—and in order for meaningful adoption to occur, any new solution must be easy to use with great results.

That’s where SITUATIONANALYST (SA) comes into play. With SA you can use the technology you already have in your pocket or on the engine—almost any phone, tablet,or laptop works. Use it with SA to collect pre-incident plans for structures or for wildlands as easily as you would check the weather.

Effective Solutions

  • Firefighters — Being alert, you notice details in the field that need to be in preplans. You grab your favorite electronic device and make notes on an integrated map. (No more taking notes on paper!) Those notes are immediately relayed wirelessly to department databases so there is no chance that useful information gets lost. Then, during incidents, because that information is permanently stored, anyone with access to the software has the updated information.
  • Officers — It is critical to know what water supply, exposures, ingress and egress, panel information, etc. are available because you need current, reliable preplans as you arrive on scene. That information being current and accurate is what will help you keep your team safe. With updates from the field saved directly to the same map system you are using on the incident, you automatically have what you need with you. You and your team are prepared.
  • Chiefs — You know that preplans mean the entire organization is planning, walking through, and seeing the ground before an emergency occurs. A good preplan program means there is a systematic approach to creating a culture of planning and safety. Anyone you grant access to can update preplans and make effective and immediately accessible notes at any time—whether on a routine EMS call or on a preplans survey inspection.

  • Techies — You don't want to spend hours and days each month making maps, updating information, and delivering the updates in digital and print format for every change. When the operations members who collect and use the preplan information also keep it up-to-date themselves in an automated and easy-to-use internal mapping system, this frees you from routine maintenance tasks so you can focus on special projects and real analysis.

How Our Customers Are Acing Preplans

Ventura County Fire Department is using SITUATIONANALYST (SA) to accomplish a variety of daily tasks including all of their Wildland Preplans. Their preplanners have used SA on tablets to record information in the field with just a few screen taps. Immediately, anyone else logged into the same map (e.g. officers and crews) can see that an update was just made. If an event occurs at that location later the same day, that night, or the next morning, the information is immediately available—and even easily updatable.

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue is implementing SITUATIONANALYST to record and refer to Target Hazards and Structure Pre-Incident Planning.  Fire crews love using this every-day pre-planning tool on their tablets.


SITUATIONANALYST is the most trusted tool on the market. Developed by employees from the fire industry, it includes the features you need most to keep your team safe!

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Joy Collins

Written by Joy Collins