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Nov 9, 2016 2:35:32 PM / by David Blankinship

Well, I guess we can't really tell you to stay calm. We sure aren't calm, we're really excited. Since we started in 2010, we at Intterra have been fortunate enough to achieve incredible success throughout the years. Our clients have enabled us to spread our wings and really evolve our technology. Because of this, we have been able to truly make a difference in the everyday lives of both the boots on the ground as well as the decision-making chiefs. This would not have been possible without all of you, and especially not without the U.S. Forest Service. They've given us some serious support and love over the years and we couldn't be more grateful.


So, without further ado, we are thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our partnership with them!

Intterra and Situation Analyst have been selected to join a brand new chapter of our partnership with the National Interagency Fire Center. Although we have partnered with them previously, this go around will be much different than the last. Working along with DSoft Technology, Engineering and Analysis, Inc.Engineering and Analysis, Inc., and the Enterprise Geospatial Portal (EGP), we get to push fire technology in the Federal Government forward together. 


The EGP has also tasked us with providing crucial information focused on planning, mitigation, response, and recovery to firefighters, command teams, and the communities they serve. Other facets of our partnership will also include the utilization of our remote sensing data processing, large-data analyses, and innovative mobile and disconnected operations.


It will undoubtedly be a wild ride, but we are most certainly up for the challenge. Making a difference in the lives of firefighters and the communities they serve is why we started this business. We couldn't be more motivated to continue pushing our technology and breaking boundaries. Make sure to check back here, on our blog, for future updates and more breaking news.


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David Blankinship

Written by David Blankinship

David is a 22-year veteran of the Geospatial industry. He started in the utilities sector, then spent 10+ years as the Senior GIS Analyst for Colorado Springs Fire. While there David deployed across the country supporting disasters and major incidents and thinking about how to get information to decision makers when they needed it, no matter where they were. As the CXO, David leverages best practices in user experience and innovating new ways to improve it – communicating from an executive and technical level with Public Safety Organizations and the Intterra dev and ops teams.