Intterra's New COO - Molly Hausmann

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Intterra's new Chief Operations Officer - Molly Huasmann
There's nothing we enjoy more than sharing the merits of the fine people that are part of the Intterra family any chance we get. However, this isn't your standard 'Get to Know the Team' type of post, as we're overjoyed to express the just how excited we are to have our new Chief Operations Officer, Molly Hausmann. We love the vision and capability Molly brings to her new executive role, and we intend to share a little more about her coming into this demanding role at Intterra. 

Our New Kick-Ass COO

Molly has been a key part of Intterra since November of 2015 as the Deputy of Operations. During the time she spent in this role, Molly led all of us through a period of non-stop rapid growth in terms of staff, clients, and capabilities. She really proved herself during this time, and when the position opened up, Molly was the obvious choice. 

"We love the vision and capability
Molly brings to her new executive role"

Before Molly was with us, she spent a lot of time serving in Leadership positions at OppenheimerFunds. She was the Assistant Vice President for quite some time as well as a Product Owner, and the Senior Product Manager. Prior to that, Molly spent several years as the senior consultant for Point B and Accenture. Throughout her career, Molly has proven herself adaptable and reliable, since she succeeded in adapting traditional business and technology approaches into modern, agile-based structures. Her outstanding leadership and energy has been the key to allowing the teams she manages to grow and succeed as a unit, and we're lucky to have her on board. 

The Announcement 

When we announced that we were appointing Molly as our COO, our chairman, Kate Dargan said “For every software company, the right COO is critical. That we have such an excellent woman to lead our team internally demonstrates that technical skills, leadership, and diversity are realistic goals for technology companies. We love the vision and capability Molly brings to her new executive role.”

“For every software company,

the right COO is critical."


Upon accepting her new role, Molly said ”I am fortunate to have landed at Intterra. Being a part of a dynamic, forward-thinking team and delivering software that matters for public safety is certainly a fulfilling step in my career. We have an amazing group of clients and partners and I am excited to join the executive team and continue to lead the operations forward.”

Overall, we're incredibly excited to see everything we'll be capable of with Molly on board in a position of true leadership. As a privately held software company that provides leading-edge SA and Analytics to emergency responders, we know that Molly will lead the Intterra family through another period of rapid growth. We can't wait to see what the future will hold. 

Want to learn more about Molly Hausmann or Intterra? Give us a ring! We'd love to chat. 

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