How Intterra is Supporting Customers During COVID-19

May 7, 2020 6:23:33 PM / by Molly Hausmann

Intterra holds a steadfast approach to supporting public response teams during current times of emergency. As the premier decision support engine for the fire service, Intterra provides an array of tools designed to arm first responders and fire chiefs with mission-essential, time sensitive data. As individuals begin grasping a newfound reality, fire and emergency service teams remain dedicated to ensuring public safety. 

Intterra remains dedicated to providing stable, secure access to information for decision making. The impact of COVID-19 has caused global changes leading to an altered standard of normalcy. During these times, Intterra is staying the course as a trusted partner committed to collaboration, innovation, and idea sharing.

How Intterra is Continuing to Engage Customers

Intterra remains focused on providing constant support to our client partners. Collaboration and innovation has always been a focal point within our organization. We’re committed to assisting client partners by providing COVID-related tools where it makes sense for clients and their operations.  In some cases, Intterra’s Operations and Technical teams have been able to quick-turn custom reporting solutions, in others, data has been brought in from the local agency to display alongside the current picture of emergency events as they unfold. Another client partner leaned on Intterra to create a tactical coordination service to help first responders detect where special procedures need to be used when responding to a particular location.  In all of these cases, we’re here to aid in our agencies’ local mission to keep their crews safe and informed. 

It is extremely valuable. While responding to a fire [during Covid-19], a dozer was ordered to put in a fireline. We were able to log into CoWIMS and show our District Resource exactly where the fire was. I was able to share my screen, and she was able to determine where the dozer could and couldn’t go virtually without having to physically be on scene.
- Joe Sean Kennedy, District Resource Advisor, USFS; utilizing the State of Colorado’s Intterra system, led by the Division of Fire Prevention & Control

We’re helping public leaders record and track information in accordance with appropriate federal regulations. Intterra’s Reporting and Analytic toolset captures NFIRS reporting information and standards. Through an unwavering commitment to serve public needs, Intterra continues to encourage building a platform of two-way communication with our peers. Constant idea sharing enables us to deliver useful products and services to the marketspace.

As a vendor partner in public safety, Intterra continues to provide solutions designed to support community outreach needs. As emergency response teams continue to serve their communities, we’re unified in establishing a culture of trust and close communication.

Using Intterra throughout COVID-19 and Beyond

In response to COVID-19, much of the world has undergone a period of vast transformation. At Intterra, we stand committed towards ensuring public safety and well-being. Although team working conditions may have changed, (we are enjoying all of the communications mediums that the world is leaning into right now!) Intterra's dedication to collaboration and listening to client needs & ideas remains the same.

Intterra was built by listening to client needs, which we continue to do in the vein of COVID reporting. Our partners look to us to provide stable, secure access to information for decision making. Support, system ideas & collaboration, and data for reporting are tried and true components of our success—and we know this will continue to be the case moving forward.

Although the COVID-19 crisis remains a critical public health issue, we’re aware that other emergency concerns still exist. We are balancing the needs of the moment with our preparation to support our client partners as they prepare for wildfire season.  Intterra has an all-hazard toolset and our tools will continue to support the needs of public agencies when focus inevitably shifts towards the next set of events. We’re making sure our clients’ systems are ready for the next wave of action 365 days per year. 

What’s on the Horizon at Intterra 

Intterra continues to use a focus-based approach towards creating innovative solutions. As a secure data system company, we continue to work towards developing solutions even in a constant state of uncertainty. We have an eye on making data easily shareable from our system to help agencies to educate their communities and we are keenly aware of the impact that the current events will have on our client partners desire to do more with outcome-based solutions.

Fire agencies and emergency response organizations rely upon Intterra for up-to-date data and information. In a time of constant change, Intterra is continuing to listen to customer ideas as part of our product improvement process. We’re in this for the long haul—so we’ll always be sure to encourage a flow of ideas. Even though it’s not business as usual in any of our home offices, it IS business as usual in how Intterra does business.

Intterra’s data-driven solutions are aimed at providing critical information to the people who continuously keep our communities safe. To learn how Intterra is supporting fire agency needs— talk to your Account Manager or drop us a note ( for more information. As a trusted partner, we’re here for you today, tomorrow, and always.

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Molly Hausmann

Written by Molly Hausmann

Molly began her career working in management consulting for Accenture and then Oppenheimer Funds where she specialized in IT solutions implementation, vendor management, and program/project leadership. At Intterra, Molly drives all operational activities that relate to customer success: onboarding, product support, and account management.