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Something Wicked This Way Comes From Intterra!

Oct 31, 2016 10:09:13 AM / by Joy Collins posted in SituationAnalyst, success


"Wicked Good!" Oh yeah, something wicked good is coming your way from Intterra. 

The Developers (a.k.a. "the Devs") and database gurus that I work among in our tech pit here at Intterra are super jazzed.  After completing a ton of research earlier this year, they've learned new programming languages for a faster data structure and have been heads-down for weeks now building something we know you're going to appreciate. It's not just a new front-end look, it's an entirely new Intterra System Framework. 

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SA Field Tool on the Front Lines

Jun 29, 2016 8:21:45 AM / by Joy Collins posted in Mapping, field data collection


Six months ago, we released the Situation Analyst Field Tool app as a complement to our Situation Analyst (S A) software suite. Our goal was to extend the range of S A to firefighters and emergency responders who travel and operate at the edge or beyond the range of cell coverage. The S A Field Tool allows them to quickly and easily add map data to S A.
The SA Field Tool 's online-and-offline capabilities represent a unique change in technology used in austere field environments. As a result, more and more firefighting teams are using the Tool to get oriented to an incident site, then quickly note and share information in the app with one another during and after the event.  
As with any new technology deployments, we thrive on feedback. Since its release, we have been gathering stories from the field on the adoption and use of the S A Field Tool.  We hope these observations we have received will inspire you to better utilize the SA Field Tool in your day-to-day operations. 
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A New Model for Involving Your Community in Mitigation

Oct 28, 2015 7:02:38 PM / by Joy Collins posted in Situational Awareness, Community Risk, Wildfire Mitigation, Mitigation


The Best Preparation for Tomorrow is Doing Our Best Today

Years ago, a friend and mentor of ours in Colorado Springs loved this community so much and was so concerned about the threat of wildfires in Colorado that he built his career in firefighting around his desire to help our community be better prepared. He figured out where the worst of the threat was and spent time and money to address it.  He and his team focused on fuels assessments, risk mitigation, and educating the community about how to share responsibility for preparedness.

I remember when I first realized that his program was the one that made a wood-chipper available to folks processing limbs and trees downed by a bad wind storm that summer. It was so amazing to see that a fire department could help the community by providing a wood chipper roving from neighborhood to neighborhood and by appointment. Chippers are not cheap but this department-funded service helps reduce fuels and future fire fighting even more than it helps homeowners clean up their property. I cannot imagine how much worse the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Fires would have been without Colorado Springs' Wildfire Mitigation program.

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How to Ace Pre-Incident Planning: SITUATION ANALYST

Oct 9, 2015 2:22:00 PM / by Joy Collins posted in SituationAnalyst, Pre-incident plans

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Being Serious About Preplanning Means You’re Serious About Safety

Preplanning is always a tedious process in a fire department. The information collected in the field has to be sent to staff, then fed into databases and maps, then sent back to staff for use in the field. Often, it doesn't happen consistently. Preplanning requires that everyone in the process is equally and actively concerned about the accuracy and timeliness of the data in order to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. With shift and personnel changes there is plenty of opportunity for missteps and disconnects in the process. It can be frustrating, and in the end sometimes the plans don't get updated.

A Better Way

We understand that firefighters want painless processes with as few steps as possible—and in order for meaningful adoption to occur, any new solution must be easy to use with great results.

That’s where SITUATIONANALYST (SA) comes into play. With SA you can use the technology you already have in your pocket or on the engine—almost any phone, tablet,or laptop works. Use it with SA to collect pre-incident plans for structures or for wildlands as easily as you would check the weather.

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Technology: The Modern-Day Halligan Tool

Oct 1, 2015 8:17:00 PM / by Joy Collins posted in SituationAnalyst, Situational Awareness


It is critical that firefighters begin to see technology as an emergency response tool. Choose it with the same care you would an engine or protective gear.

As an experienced Fire Officer you have been exposed to so much. Fires, medical calls that break your heart, funny moments, and heroic actions of your crew that no one else will ever know about. It is certainly a career of experiences.

You have to make the tough decisions, and you care about your team as firefighters, colleagues, numbskulls, and friends. Your legacy is important but the most important thing is that everybody comes back home. So, it matters to you the tools you use: on the apparatus and in the station. You care deeply about your teams being ready for any emergency. You make sure that they work with the best quality and most reliable tools—from halligans to hoses, and everything in between.

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Aircraft Intel: A Powerful Technology That Has Taken Off

Sep 23, 2015 12:00:00 PM / by Joy Collins posted in SituationAnalyst, Aircraft, Imagery, intel


Aircraft Intel Tool from SITUATIONANALYST by Intterra

It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to field test a new technology even before you launch the company that's building it, but that was indeed the case with SITUATIONANALYST’s Aircraft Intel tool. Initially field tested during Cal Fire's battle with the Southern Fire Seige of 2007 and again in NorCal in 2008, Aircraft Intel—paired with a super high-tech aircraft imagery service from Range and Bearing Corporation—helped provide much-needed aid to those events as firefighters labored to understand what was happening in real time during the firefight. Ventura County Fire Department helped in subsequent years pioneer with Intterra the regular use of live Infrared support to firefighting efforts. The technology has become an everyday tool since then with a permanent home in the SITUATIONANALYST software. 

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Colorado Understands the Importance of Situational Awareness

Sep 4, 2015 8:00:00 AM / by Joy Collins posted in SituationAnalyst, Situational Awareness


Fire Teams in Oregon and Washington Receive High Tech Assistance from the Colorado DFPC

Colorado is a state that has a great deal of experience fighting wildfires. It also has some advanced resources for making that challenge more manageable. Colorado's Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) sent one of its two Multi-Mission Aircraft to Oregon and Washington this summer, providing an impressive array of technology to support firefighting efforts.

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