Holger Durre

Planning & Analysis Battallion Chief, Poudre Valley Fire Authority, CO Responsible for the Poudre Fire Authority's approach to continuous improvement and outcomes based decision making. Facilitating the process of maintaining accredited status with the Center for Public Safety Excellence. This includes encouraging performance excellence in program management and promoting effective emergency response performance.
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Reactivity Vs. Proactivity in the Fire Service

Jan 12, 2017 4:56:08 PM / by Holger Durre posted in Insider


  GUEST BLOGGER: Holger Durre, Planning and Analysis Chief, Poudre Valley Fire Authority.    (Editor's note: A big thank you from us to BC Durre for his insight.Talk to anyone in the Fire Service about analysis and accreditation for very long, and his name will come up. Valued widely for his "roll up your sleeves" work ethic in this area, Holger represents a refreshing new voice.)


The fire service is changing more rapidly now than it has in the entirety of its existence. If your ears aren’t perking up in regards to the influence of this changing environment, I would ask you to unbuckle your radio strap, postpone your next web surfing for fire videos, and tune in long enough to listen to the sweet sound of the winds of change. They are prevailing, and they will be with us as long as any of us serving in this profession will be around. For instance, the role that pre-hospital medicine, data analysis, and the science of fire behavior are playing is just the tip of the iceberg. Understand and know that these issues already have, and will continue to, change our industry profoundly in the years to come. However, as a culture, we have a significant blind spot that has the potential to impact our constituents if we don’t look over our shoulders.

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