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Part 1: Intterra, WFCA and the Rice D2K Lab to Bring Fire Agencies Together with Data Science

Oct 8, 2019 5:29:06 PM / by Brian Collins posted in fire department collaboration, Technology

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From the outset, Intterra has aimed to help fire departments use data to analyze their current performance and learn how to get better, both for their personnel and the communities they serve.

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Improving is Continuous, Making Better Happen Faster at Intterra

Feb 22, 2016 2:12:34 PM / by Brian Collins posted in Insider




Back in 'The Old Corps' (which is essentially the Marine Corps version of 'once a upon time') we used to joke that 'Chow is Continuous'. Which meant that any time you had a chance to grab something to eat from your MRE - do it! You never knew when you would have a chance again based on the need to maintain a high operations tempo.
I remembered that idea as Intterra conducted our post Super Bowl 50 after action review led by Emily Carpenter. Emily was our 'point person' deployed to the Santa Clara Multi-Agency Coordination Group. She not only served as our lead person onsite, she was also a critical part of the Santa Clara County Fire geospatial team.
When she returned, we held a company-wide review of the event so that Emily could lead the entire team through what she and her team did. Sometimes a live, rapid review like this gets lost in the return-to-work drive or even the high-fiving/back-slapping that often occurs after a successful deployment. However, experience tells us that maintaining the high tempo of continuous improvements means learning lessons fast  and acting on them
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